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29/09/14 - A month out in Chelmsford!‏


Thank you for sending me the pictures! I got the parcels with the noodles (it was Elder Chew's favorite Korean noodles) and Elder Imlay is really excited to try them! The Tesco noodles are getting boring for him so it should be a good treat. It's good to see that everyone in Barnsley is happy and smiling! Please send my congratulations for the recent baptisms. I will keep Sister Shaw and everyone else in my prayers. I hope she is managing to get through this hard time. 

So I have been out in the mission field for more than a month now and it has been a really good experience so far. I have never talked to so many people in my life! The work hasn't been easy and the district leader has told us that we're living under our potential, but me and Elder Imlay feel like we've been trying our best. We talk to people who are interested and we get their numbers, but they just won't respond to our calls and text messages!! 

Recently a couple people moved directly next door to us and I came up with the idea to bring some brownies to them and introduce the gospel too. We spoke to the guy there and his name is Tommy and he's from Malaysia (so I have Asian relations with him)! He should be coming with his girlfriend to FHE at the Claire's house tonight, where we will teach them their first lesson. I feel good about it and I think they're pretty golden! I was told by George who is part of the Maldon ward that the Tredgetts (a strong family in Bransley branch) used to live in Chelmsford and they were married there? Maybe you could find out if that's true or if it's a different pair of Tredgetts. 

I had my first zone conference in Ipswich on the 23rd and it was superb. President Jordan blew my mind when he started talking about Joseph Smith using a seer stone to translate and how he had to close off the other light and he apparently used a hat to do so. He also talked about how accurate The Book of Mormon is when Lehi took his family through the wilderness. The valley of Lemuel and the river of Laman are actually there according to researchers. He told us that it would be impossible for an unlearned man like Joseph Smith who at the time had no understanding of the middle east to accurately write geographically where that was. Despite this evidence and more, we must first have our own witness from the Holy Ghost that The Book of Mormon is true. This way our testimonies can grow and we can better understand spiritual truths. We talked about using The Book of Mormon when finding and teaching. This is from our mission email:

President Benson said, it is a “great sieve” that will separate those who will hear and accept your message from those who are not yet prepared. We hope you came away from zone conference with increased faith in the truth of the Book of Mormon and with a deeper understanding that your testimony must be grounded in the witness of the Holy Ghost. All other evidence can only be secondary, because, as Elder Maxwell taught, God has ordained that “All the scriptures, including the Book of Mormon, will remain in the realm of faith.” In this world governed by agency, God will not compel us to believe. As our hymn tells us, He will “never force the human mind.” (“Know This, That Every Soul Is Free”--Hymn #240).

I have been using the BOM all the time when finding and it really is like a sieve to help separate those that are ready and those that aren't. I have changed my normal saying "I'm getting the BOM out" to "I'm getting my sieve out" since this zone conference :)

Fluffy the new guinea reminds me of GG. (we were gifted with a new guinea pig from the animal rescue centre). I'm glad you got Bob and Vinnie a new friend. I'm sure they will keep Fluffly safe. Keep on reading, pondering and praying! This is how we grow spiritually and make sure you watch General Conference! Talk to you later. 

An American Mountain Dew

Me and Sam Spoors. Sam is leaving to the Provo MTC today in preparation for the France mission!

The final challenge in the Priesthood treasure hunt activity. It was like Indiana Jones where he has to replace the piece of gold with something else that weighs the same.

Me and Elder Yeap (Jesse knows Elder Yeap)


Elder Chew

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