Monday, 22 September 2014

3 week missionary meeting

Good morning,

So I have passed the 3 week milestone and last Wednesday we went to the mission home to have the new missionary meeting with President and Sister Jordan. We learned more about effective planning and about member missionary work. I think one of the First Presidency or the Twelve Apostles said that one of the most overwhelming sources for baptisms and membership retention is through member missionary work. I gave a talk yesterday about sharing the gospel with others and included the 3 simple steps we learnt from President Jordan. 

1. Pray for missionary experiences.
2. Have a casual conversation.
3. Invite

Member missionary work provides investigators with a friend they can always go to if they have questions or need help. There should already be a good relationship between the member and their friend or family member and this relationship will grow as they learn about the gospel together.

This past week me and Elder Imlay are trying to be more bold when talking to people. We're trying to start a casual conversation about anything and then lead it to something gospel related that we can bear testimony of. We have set a goal to keep in all our prayers for 2 weeks for a family of 4 that will be ready to receive the gospel and be baptised. Yesterday evening we went finding and talked to a guy named Stephan. He was about to walk away from us and I asked him "do you feel anything missing in your life" and then he started to talk to us again. He said he has everything and could do with a lot more money and talked about his family. We were able to share about families being together forever through the gospel of Jesus Christ and we plan to meet with him this Wednesday evening! 

Say happy birthday to Emily for me and say hi to everyone else. I will be getting 3 hours of driving lessons in Chelmsford and booking my driving test after this email. I hope I can pass this time!

IMG_1601 - Big Ben
IMG_1602 - A cool looking castle
IMG_1603 - £5 Chinese buffet

Mom - I think these were taken on the walkway on the tiles 

3 week missionary meeting - On the right President Jordan and Sister Jordan is above Elder Chew 


Elder Chew

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