Monday, 1 September 2014

My first area is Chelmsford!

Good morning,

Thank you for the emails and for the letters. Unfortunately I can't seem to watch the peri peri pot noodle challenge. I have emailed a string of videos of the boys (Jesse included). I will have to figure out how to watch that later.

So on the 27/08/14 I arrived in the mission home and got assigned my new companion! His name is Elder Imlay from Boulder City Nevada. Together we're serving in the Chelmsford ward! Elder Imlay has been out for about 13 months and I'm his first "boy". He has been working me hard and I started to get blisters on my heels from all the walking

. Thankfully I brought the gel pads for my heels which are helping a lot. Unfortunately we didn't get any baptisms yet, but we have 2 progressing investigators, Hazar and Nozad. They're from Iraq and they're studying English here. We are currently waiting for them to get their visas before we can baptise them.

I recently found out that the England London Mission is the no.1 mission, literally. It's the first mission in the entire world and has been given no.1 on the world map in Salt Lake City. Chelmsford is a wonderful place to be in. It reminds me of Barnsley, but it's posher. It happens to be the birthplace of the radio and apparently the queen visited the cathedral not too long ago. There is a very nice park here where we often go for finding.

Yesterday, I met a lot of the ward members and I'm so excited to be able to work with them. I'm still getting used to being in a big ward and  The ward mission leader brother Stewart is a really enthusiastic person who will help us setup member appointments with investigators. Amazingly he served in the Leeds mission, however he hasn't been to Barnsley, but he's pretty good at the accent. I will have to send some pictures of the ward and the chapel later.

On the evening of the 28/08/14 Elder Imlay asked me where we should go tracting on the map. I looked at the map and immediately pointed to an area near the bottom left. I looked at the map again and felt good about this area. The next day we went near this area and started door knocking. All the people we came across weren't interested or were too busy. Elder Imlay asked me about what we should do in the last 10 mins. I said we can continue to tract and try to find someone who's interested and I said we could say a prayer. I offered a prayer and during the prayer a car pulled up beside us and a man started getting out. As soon as I finished my prayer he happened to be about 2 feet away from us. We immediately started talking to him, but he had to rush to the toilet and then rush out again. His name's Andy and he seemed very friendly and allowed us to come back to see him later. We went back the next day, but he wasn't in. So we are planning to go see him later. I know that it wasn't a coincidence that he happened to be there when I said a prayer. I know Heavenly Father has prepared him for us and through our faith he answered our prayer. I'm very grateful to be a missionary and I know that as I trust the Lord and continue to exercise my faith he will bring those that are prepared to us. 


Elder Chew

Elder Imlay (left of Elder Chew) new companion

Blisters on right and left heels

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