Monday, 8 September 2014

The first full week of missionary work

This past week has been really good. Even though we didn't teach many lessons we still contacted a lot more potential investigators who we plan to go see this week. On Sunday morning, we went out finding and we couldn't find anyone who would listen to us. It started to rain which made matters worse for us. We went around in a circle and Elder Imlay saw 2 families in the town centre and was prompted to talk to the family further away from us. His name is Connor and he turned out to be very friendly and interested in our message. We got his phone number and tested it just to make sure it worked (a lot of people gave us fake/wrong numbers). We will be seeing him soon. I also found a pound coin on that morning hehe.

On Saturday we did a couple hours of gardening work at a less active's house, Sister Gervis. The Sister's invited us to help, so we managed to clear a lot of the weeds/thorns from her back garden. There is still quite a lot to do and we will have to ask the priesthood to help. I knew I wouldn't be able to get away from gardening service :). Afterwards we were heading to the Massie's house for a dinner appointment and on the way Brother Griffin from Widham ward stop us in his car. He told us that he's about to visit his friend Jose that recently moved from Spain and is an investigator. Brother Griffin served his mission in Spain and Baptised Jose's wife a number of years ago. So all of us went to go see Jose. He lives in a flat with 3 others and he doesn't speak much English, but thankfully Elder Imlay knows some Spanish, because his dad served a mission in Argentina. I don't know how, but he managed to tell Jose to come to church and he actually came! I know that it wasn't a coincidence that this happened. The Lord placed us in the right place at the right time. We will be teaching him soon, but I think it will be just a couple principles each lesson. On Sunday we learned about being "Anxiously engaged in a good cause". I know this is what will bring blessings/miracles in our lives and I'm so happy that as a missionary I'm always busy doing something for a good cause!


Elder Chew

Service Project

How we give our pass along cards when nobody's at home (it's on 2 spider webs lol)

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