Monday, 15 September 2014

Ward conference

This past week has gone really quickly. My blisters are starting to go away, which is a great blessing! We have got a few investigators at the moment. Jose is doing quite well. Even though we cannot communicate too well with him, we have finally gotten hold of the Spanish pamphlets so we can try to teach him the first lesson during FHE at the Clare's house today. Yesterday, he came to ward conference and I sat with him at the back. I could hardly hear what was being said and I think he didn't have a clue what was happening, but I used his iphone to help answer the questions he has about the church. During the lessons we were blessed to have Anna translate to Jose, because she know Spanish fluently. She comes to Chelmsford, because her boyfriend Sam is about to go on his mission to France in about 25 days! We will be trying to get her to come to FHE tonight. After church we had the biggest munch and mingle I have ever been to! There were even crab crackers there! I don't know if I already mentioned it, but the Lau's are here in Chelmsford. Sister Lau is Patriarch Bell's daughter (it's such a small world)! 

For our second set of investigators, Hazar and Nawzad they are looking very promising. They regularly come to church and we teach them the gospel principle lessons during the week and invite them to FHE. They have passed their English test and should be getting their certificates this week, so they can apply for their visas. Hazar told us that it can take about a month to get and they can still get rejected. We will be praying that they can get their visas, so President Jordan can do the baptismal interviews.

I still have to write my emails to President Jordan and to Elder Wiltbank, so I have to go now.
How to use pass along cards at bus stops (unfortunately we came back the next day and it fell off).


Elder Chew

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