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07/10/14 - Move Calls

Good afternoon,

Normally P-day is on a Monday, but because this week is moves week we have it today. In a nutshell at least one companion in each companionship in my district is moving, except for me and Elder Imlay hehe. On Monday evening usually after 6pm some missionaries get called by President Jordan to get an assignment e.g. District Leader, Zone Leader... We got a phone call in the middle of our appointment with a member and I was so scared for some reason and so was Elder Imlay, but it turned out to be an automated message lol. Elder Imlay said that it seems like everyone in his MTC group are becoming leaders, apart from him. I told him it's more important to train me :) 

Today we had a member present lesson with a former investigator named Kerry we found in the area book. She was in contact with the missionaries for about a year almost 3/4 years ago. We talked to her and she doesn't want to be committed and she thinks it's strict to be a Mormon. She said she feels it isn't for her, but doesn't seem to know for sure. It turned out that she is already keeping the hard commitments such as the Word of Wisdom! We read and talked about faith in Alma 32 and committed her to read/pray about the Book of Mormon. We will be praying for her and hope that she manages to "plant the seed" so she can get her own witness that the Book of Mormon is true.

General Conference weekend was excellent! I paid more attention this time and took notes. We brought our investigator Hazar with us and he enjoyed it too. For me the main message was about Love through obedience, the commandments and prophets. I can't believe we have more than 88,000 missionaries and I'm finally one of them!

From my personal study in Mosiah 2 King Benjamin is talking about how after serving the Lord with all our souls, we will be unprofitable servants. I was thinking about this and for me it means that after all that we have received from Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ including his Atonement we will always be in debt to them. No matter how faithfully we serve we will never be able to pay the debt. However we can continue to show our gratitude to them by keeping the commandments with exactness. King Benjamin says we will prosper when we do so. I'm grateful to know that even though we will always be in debt, Heavenly Father will still bless us through our obedience, he really is a God of love.

A couple of my favourite quotes from General Conference: 

"The Church of Jesus Christ always has been and always will be a missionary Church." - David A. Bednar

"Physically walking where Jesus walked is less important than walking as He walked." - President Monson


Elder Chew

Our last time together as a district.

£5.00 pizza from Pizza gogo! I think it was a 15" pizza. I only managed to eat half!

District picture

Me in the Springfield area of Chelmsford

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