Monday, 13 October 2014

13/10/14 - Uni finding‏

Good afternoon everyone,

This past week we have been doing quite a lot of university finding around the Anglia Ruskin university. We have been getting quite a few potential investigators, especially African ones (the Savior means everything to them which helps a lot). The students seem to have a much more open mind when it comes to religion than other people we have spoken to. The district leader said that the Chinese students are very good too (I wish I could speak some Chinese). Unfortunately this week, as we stopped by our Brazilian family we were told by the oldest daughter that her mum isn't interested in the BoM and is a strong Catholic and she wants to return the book back to us. We were quite disappointed and it also turned out that her auntie that's been trying to get her to change church isn't a Mormon. We will go back to see them in a couple week's when they're free. Please pray for them.

Yesterday on the way to church I got a phone call from Elder Evans (he's in the Maldon area) telling me to look out for his investigator that's coming to church for the first time for the Chelmsford sacrament service (Maldon and Chelmsford share the same building). I said that we will look after him and he told me that someone from Wisconsin is waiting for me at the chapel... I immediately thought to myself that it had to be Brother West, but I couldn't believe it! As soon as I got into the chapel I was so happy to see him. We had a little catch-up time and then Dennis, Maldon's investigator came in. I felt overwhelmed, but me and Brother West were fellow shipping him so everything worked out. Brother Lau talked to Brother West and was really impressed with his Cantonese! (Brother West is a returned missionary from Hong Kong) Elder Imlay told me that I shouldn't have friends or family visiting me on my mission, but I really enjoyed it. Tomorrow we have another Zone Conference, because a Seventy is coming to visit. Me and Elder Imlay hope it's about ipads :).

p.s. Mom, you can't let anymore people visit me. I need to keep all the rules, because I need all the help I can get. 

Mom:  Sister West got to speak to Elder Chew prior to his mission but Brother West wasn't there and felt a bit bumped out.  Brother West needed to attend church anyway, when he was working in London.  I have not spoken to Brother West for about a year and we have not seen them for years!  I am glad he was able to squeeze in a visit. For those who don't know Brother West was the one who baptized Elder Chew when he turned 8 in Madison, Wisconsin.  The Wests are living in Utah now and they were the one who picked up Sister Young and took her to the MTC! I love the Wests!


Elder Chew 

Bother West & Elder Chew

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