Monday, 27 October 2014

27/10'14 It's getting colder

Good morning,

It's already getting colder down here in Chelmsford. I really need to get a winter coat soon! Another week has flied by and it's been very good. We finally had our first lesson with our neighbour Tommy at Starbucks. We taught him about the restoration and he seemed happy about everything. He was suppose to come to church yesterday, but gave us an excuse not to go because his girlfriend is busy studying for exams until the beginning of December! Me and Elder Imlay will find a way of getting him to church.

We taught a new investigator this week with a member. Her name is Marie and she attends a Pentecostal church. We taught her lesson one and she said she couldn't understand how Joseph Smith could see Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ when she believed that they were both the same person (The Trinity). Brother Wright, the member who came with us immediately told her about events in the Bible. E.g. When Jesus Christ was praying to his father, he wasn't praying to himself... Marie seemed to accept and understand this. We invited her to church and she said she would come with her sons, because her mini bus drops her off near the chapel. We phoned her Saturday evening to confirm and she said she would go, but she never turned up... Missionary work can sometimes be frustrating, but I'm sure she has a good excuse. Me and Elder Imlay seem to be weeding through investigators, but not too many are sticking in our teaching pool.

Talking about the Pentecostal church, on Saturday evening we went to my first prevailing prayer at The Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), because our investigator Beju invited us (probably hoping to convert us). It was a completely new experience for me! I think we were the only non-african people there! There was very loud singing and drums playing at the beginning with people shouting praises to the Lord. Then we had a pastor give us a prayer. They taught a lot from the bible, but the spirit didn't feel right with me at all. However, we left early and managed to talk to a couple potential investigators. We plan to meet up with Beju and hopefully now that we're in her good books she will be okay with it.


Elder Chew
just outside of his flat

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