Monday, 20 October 2014

Stake Conference

Good morning,

This week has been pretty good. Zone conference was excellent, because Elder Herbertson was able to speak to us. He gave a really good analogy of a son and his father. The father was very wealthy and had many mansions around the world that were filled with the most expensive materials. The father then asks the son to build a house for him. The son asks why do you need me to build a house when you already have so many great houses. The father said he wants him to build him the finest house. So the son starts to get the builders and the architects. He sees how expensive they are and how expensive some of the finest materials are. He decides that he would choose the cheaper option, because it seemed good enough for what he wanted. After the house was finished the father looks at it and is pleased with his work. Then he tells his son that the house is his. Elder Herbertson asked us "How do you think the son felt?". The son could feel happy with it or he could feel that it could of been better. Elder Herbertson related this to our missionary work, because we are building our "finest house" and that we shouldn't cut any corners. As we return home from our missions we should feel that we have done everything we can and shouldn't feel that we cut corners. We should be keeping to all the rules and working hard. This applies for all of us as we try to build our "mansion" in heaven.

Yesterday's stake conference was very good too. President and Sister Jordan were there which I didn't expect, but the biggest surprise was that Elder Leimer was there too (He was there when I spoke at the Sheffield Stake Conference). The main message for me was covenants. It is through saving ordinances that we are able to make covenants and come closer to our Heavenly Father. Being a covenant keeper by doing the small and simple things will bring us peace and blessings. This is how we follow the example of Jesus Christ. I'm grateful that I can serve as a missionary to help people to get baptised so they can make their first covenants. This week we hope to meet with our neighbours and a few uni students. A lot of people have been pushing us back in being able to meet with them. We talked to an Australian guy who's called Josiah! He's a youth leader at a Pentecostal church and he has questions about The Book of Mormon. We will be stopping by him again soon.


Elder Chew
Elder Leima (he was at Sheffield stake conference at Doncaster Dome)

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