Tuesday, 18 November 2014

18/11/14 - Transfers!‏

Good afternoon,

Yesterday we received our move calls and it turns out that I'm moving to Bletchley, part of the Northampton zone! I'm feeling a bit sad that I have to leave, but I know that I'm needed there. Elder Imlay is staying in Chelmsford and receiving an Elder from Portugal. 

We have been working with our progressing investigator Marie and we finally got her to church! She seemed to enjoy everything and she even skipped her other church meetings to come! Femi, a recent convert taught his first Gospel Principles lesson about The Gathering of Israel and Marie enjoyed his lesson! She has a baptismal date for the beginning of December and it looks promising. Elder Imlay and his new companion will be seeing her this week.

The new mission plan for Chelmsford is going to start soon. Our ward mission leader Brother Stewart is organising a schedule so that we can visit all the members of the ward and give a "come into Christ" message. I found out that Elder Spoors that left Chelmsford about a month ago is being trained by Elder Eady from Sheffield! It's such a small world...

The main highlight for me last week was our adventure in a village near Chelmsford called Boreham. We spent a few hours tracting in Boreham, but didn't seem to have much success. We got a few wavy potentials that either are interested or just want to bash with us. It was a hard day and as we started to head back to the bus stop it was already night time. All of a sudden Brother Wheeler from the Maldon ward pulled us over and thanked us for what we are doing and gave us a box of Quality Street chocolates! He then drove off in the opposite direction. Me and Elder Imlay were so amazed at what happened!  We didn't tell anyone that we were going to Boreham (it's kinda in the middle of nowhere too) and Brother Wheeler who isn't even in our ward, found us and gave us chocolates. It was truly a blessing from the Lord.

Yesterday, we spent a lot of time doing service for the Holdens, a less-active family. We had to move a ton of stuff from their tables and shelves in order to move their furniture and get to the mold that was growing on the wall behind. It was a joint effort with the Sisters and with a lot of bleach we managed to get it off. I forgot to take pictures, but I will try to get some later today. Unfortunately afterwards, Elder Imlay failed his theory test by a couple points on both the multiple-choice and the hazard perception. I waited downstairs whilst he took his test and saw the people who finished the test leave. I could tell whether or not each one passed the test and it made me think about our test here on Earth. Are we going to leave with a smiling, happy face or not? Even though times have been hard I'm grateful that the Lord loves us and gives us opportunities to humble ourselves so we can qualify for his blessings. Missionary life is never bad, just hard at times.


Elder Chew
Wheeler Family. Brother Wheeler knows Brother Tredgett when he was little.

Lau family
Latest district photo

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