Monday, 24 November 2014

24/11/14 - I'm in Milton Keynes!

Good morning,

So I have been transferred to the Bletchley 2 area. Bletchley and Milton Keynes share the same chapel. I'm struggling to put pictures on from my camera with this computer, but I will try to send some later. Elder Judy is my new companion and he's the district leader here. He's in the same MTC group as Elder Imlay. Elder Judy is from Gunnison Utah and he's told me that he's had dinner at investigators' houses! I've never heard of such things and we plan to have one this week. The flat is really nice and I've got my first bunk bed (it's quite annoying, because it's really squeaky). We have the car in our area and I've been able to drive it lately too! Our area is suppose to have the bikes, but since Bletchley 1 shut down for a month due to an Elder crashing his bike, the Bletchley 2 Elders have been covering both areas with the car. Hopefully we don't lose the car, because it's so cold here. We're part of the Northampton zone, which apparently was the highest baptising zone last transfer! 

I'm starting to get to know the ward members here. Brother Newberry is our ward mission leader and he was really happy to find out that I'm from Barnsley, because he was born there (I think he's the first person I've met that's from Barnsley in the mission). Over the past few days here I couldn't stop thinking about Chelmsford and our investigators, but I know the Lord needs me here. In Bletchley we have a couple people ready for baptism, but both of them are still living with their boyfriends. We had a lesson about baptism and confirmation with one of the sister investigator last week and she is excited for baptism, but finds it very difficult to live in a separate home to her boyfriend. I'm hoping she will understand what choices she has to make in order to come closer to Christ.


Elder Chew

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