Monday, 3 November 2014

I Passed!

Good morning,

The past week has been pretty interesting. On the 28th of October I finally passed my driving test. My instructor Jim was really good at helping me. I got 4 minors and the reverse bay park for my maneuver. However, it was the same day that I started getting really sick. I had a constant stomach ache (probably from all the "bad" food). Elder Imlay was having a stomach ache for the past few weeks, so I'm thinking I might have got it from him. I called Sister Jordan and she said that a virus has been going around the mission. She said we should eat lighter foods and take some paracetamols. So last Wednesday we stayed in the flat and had soup, paracetamols and rested for the day. I don't think I ever felt that sickness in my life! It was a constant dull pain and it felt like my body needed to get rid of something, but just couldn't. I've been very grateful that we only had to stay in for one day.

The missionary front in Chelmsford hasn't been the easiest, but we feel like we've been trying our best. So many of our investigators can't manage to keep their commitments e.g. reading, praying, going to church and keeping appointments (why can't people use their free agency in the right way?). From our correlation meeting yesterday we planned to organise a new mission plan for 2015. We discussed that missionaries should try to see all the members at their homes just to teach about Jesus Christ for 30 mins. This way the members can build a stronger testimony in Jesus Christ and with the missionaries. We hope this way members can trust the missionaries and be more motivated to give referrals and to do missionary work. We have a Bonfire activity at the Wheeler's house this Saturday and some of the members are going to bring their friends along!

We had zone meeting on Saturday and we discussed the importance of listening. Sometimes during missionary work we can be too focused on what we want to tell/teach that we don't fully listen to what others have to say. Listening is something I've been trying to improve on, because I know that by listening and giving your undivided attention to someone it will show that you care and love them. One of the apostles said something like: Listening carefully will always highlight an aspect of the gospel that you can then offer more on or better testimony of. I'm grateful for the gospel of Jesus Christ and one of the best things about missionary work is that you're sharing something that is true and that works for everyone. Always listen and the spirit can prompt you on what you should say.

Elder Chew 

Chelmsford town centre

Chelmsford town sign

Jim my driving instructor
Our Halloween costume checked out the badge!

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