Monday, 26 January 2015

26/01/15 - Burns Night‏

Hi everyone!

I've finally tasted my first Haggis. Yesterday evening Sister Newberry had all of us over for Burns night. She fed us Cullen Skink, Haggis, tatties, neeps and for dessert we had raspberry pie with Scottish shortbread cookies (check out the pics)! I thought Haggis contained sheep stomach, but actually they used to cook it inside the stomach. I've been told that they have stopped doing that now... I enjoyed it though, it reminds me of meatloaf with extra pepper.

Last week the Milton Keynes Sisters found one of our former investigators that Elder Judy and Elder Smith put on baptismal date on the street! Elders Judy and Smith lost contact with him all of a sudden for a few months and it turns out that he had a collapsed lung! We taught him The Restoration last week and he believes it's true. He wants to change his life, but he has serious Word of Wisdom problems. We have set goals to stop drinking coffee and tea and to half the number of cigarettes. We got his input for his baptismal date and he said he thinks about a year until he's ready. We managed to get it to half a year and his date is now the 13th of June, because it's his birthday. Elder Zarse our zone leader wasn't to happy about it, but we have set goals to help him with the Word of Wisdom. It was a miracle that the Sisters found him and now he's back on date! 

I'm grateful the Lord leads those who are prepared to the missionaries. It is through our faith in Jesus Christ that this great work is moving forward. Being a missionary is rewarding and is helping me to have an increase of love towards our brothers and sisters.

D&C 64:34 Behold, the Lord requireth the heart and a willing mind; and the willing and obedient shall eat the good of the land of Zion in these last days.


Elder Chew
Bow Brickhill

Cullen Skink
Cobra beer? 

Raspberry pie and shortbread
Bow Brickhill

Monday, 19 January 2015

19/01/15 - Interviews at Bedford‏

Good afternoon,

We're running behind our normal schedule for P-day because we finally had a lesson with our investigator N! From following up with her we found out that she has a genuine reason for not being able to get in touch with us! Her iphone wasn't working because she dropped it in water a few months ago and it slowly got worse, but now it's fixed. She still has a desire to get baptised, but it will be a while because she will be going to Egypt this week. Her concern for not coming to church was that she felt scared that people wouldn't be nice to her. We told her that people in the church aren't like that and that we'll arrange some members that she knows to pick her up. She was happy about that and she enjoyed listening to President Monson's talk about obedience brings blessings.

Last Friday we had our interviews with President Jordan and it went very well! We were planning to get there early to have lunch, but they told us to get to the chapel to watch Meet The Mormons! That movie was so worth giving up lunch! It's a movie about the life of Mormons around the world to help people get a better understanding of who Mormons are and what they do. You can feel the spirit strongly as you watch it and I would recommend it to anyone. The training's given by President and Sister Jordan were very helpful (Sister Jordan's brownies helped too). One of our goals as a mission is to bring recent converts to the temple within 3 months after their baptism. We learned the importance of helping our investigators have a vision of the temple beyond the baptismal font. It will help in keeping the "fruits" of our labours. We plan to share a lesson about temples to our investigators to help them be motivated to progress in the gospel despite their living situations. So one day they can reach the temple and make further covenants with Heavenly Father that will bring blessings.

Interviews finished quite late at around 7:00 pm and the Northampton Sisters needed a lift to the train station, so President Jordan asked me to drive his car... Because Elder Judy was busy taking other missionaries to the station. Me and Elder Fisher couldn't believe it! So I thought I'd mention it in this email (by the way I survived the dodgy roads of Bedford).


Elder Chew 

The Bletchley crew

Monday, 12 January 2015

12/01/15 - Faye's Baptism‏

Hi everyone,

The main highlight for last week was being able to witness Faye Fields-Davis's baptism on Saturday. She's the daughter of a member family and we had one of our investigator's Colin come to the baptism, which he liked. Colin is a new investigator who is a friend of Soi-ling, a recent convert who we're teaching. Our other investigators told us that they were coming to church, but didn't show up again... Me and Elder Judy feel like we've been trying to keep in touch with them, but they're either not too interested or too busy. I think it may be time to drop some of them.

We had an exchange with the Bletchley 1 Elders and it was my turn to go on the bikes. The bikes are good, but it was hard to keep up with Elder Romney as the day went on. Doing 30 mins exercise in the morning is so hard, but I need to try harder if I want to survive on the bikes. Elder Judy made me my first "Samoan" which is lightly cooked noodles cut in half with ham, cheese and fried egg in between two pieces of bread... Wow! It was the most intense lunch I've ever had.

This week we have interviews in Bedford on Wednesday, so I need to make sure I'm prepared. That's all I can think of right now. Let me know if you have any questions. Keep loving the Lord with all your heart, soul, mind and strength!


Elder Chew

Monday, 5 January 2015

05/01/15 - Willen Lake‏

Good afternoon,

On New Year's day we went with the ward to walk around Willen Lake! Even though it was very cold and windy everyone seemed to enjoy it. We went past a small version of the Stonehenge and we saw an awesome looking peace monument! Later in the afternoon we went to Sister Fields-Davis's house for a lunch appointment and she made us a roast dinner! We felt bad having to leave in the middle of it, because of our appointment with B. As soon as we approached B's house we caught her standing outside smoking when she hasn't smoked for more than a month  B came to the Christmas Truce and has been an investigator for a long time. She doesn't feel like she's receiving any answers to her prayers and doesn't understand why missionaries have asked her to read different parts of the Book of Mormon. So we have committed her to read from the start and to pray in the name of Jesus Christ. 

Radi Hristov married Rachel Edwards from the Milton Keynes ward and had his wedding last week. He served his mission here in the ELM and knows Jesse ( Elder Chew step brother who also served in the London Mission)! He had President and Sister Jordan go to the London temple with him! I met his friend Plamen Denev who served in the Leeds mission and finished in 2007. He knows Elder Sackett, Elder Jones, Elder Golden and a lot of the missionaries that have come to Barnsley in the early days! We went to the reception at the chapel for a little bit and ate some of the good food they had out.

We had our first lesson with  the husband of the Primary president, who isn't a member. He's from Italy and he's already read through the whole Book of Mormon. He enjoys the Book of Mormon and we challenged him for baptism, but he doesn't want to commit to anything yet because if he does he wants to make sure he will keep the commitment. So we committed him to pray about the Book of Mormon and to come to church. He wasn't able to come because of work, but once we start teaching him some commandments that should change. Our other investigators, all women whom we had been teaching last year have been very difficult to get in touch with over the past week. I guess we just have to keep working harder and keep relying on the Lord help in this work.


Elder Chew
P.S. - There's a picture of me and the Mayor on the Church's UK Facebook page!
Willen Lake

Peace Pagoda

Radi's reception
Dinner at the Fields-Davis's

Costco food