Monday, 19 January 2015

19/01/15 - Interviews at Bedford‏

Good afternoon,

We're running behind our normal schedule for P-day because we finally had a lesson with our investigator N! From following up with her we found out that she has a genuine reason for not being able to get in touch with us! Her iphone wasn't working because she dropped it in water a few months ago and it slowly got worse, but now it's fixed. She still has a desire to get baptised, but it will be a while because she will be going to Egypt this week. Her concern for not coming to church was that she felt scared that people wouldn't be nice to her. We told her that people in the church aren't like that and that we'll arrange some members that she knows to pick her up. She was happy about that and she enjoyed listening to President Monson's talk about obedience brings blessings.

Last Friday we had our interviews with President Jordan and it went very well! We were planning to get there early to have lunch, but they told us to get to the chapel to watch Meet The Mormons! That movie was so worth giving up lunch! It's a movie about the life of Mormons around the world to help people get a better understanding of who Mormons are and what they do. You can feel the spirit strongly as you watch it and I would recommend it to anyone. The training's given by President and Sister Jordan were very helpful (Sister Jordan's brownies helped too). One of our goals as a mission is to bring recent converts to the temple within 3 months after their baptism. We learned the importance of helping our investigators have a vision of the temple beyond the baptismal font. It will help in keeping the "fruits" of our labours. We plan to share a lesson about temples to our investigators to help them be motivated to progress in the gospel despite their living situations. So one day they can reach the temple and make further covenants with Heavenly Father that will bring blessings.

Interviews finished quite late at around 7:00 pm and the Northampton Sisters needed a lift to the train station, so President Jordan asked me to drive his car... Because Elder Judy was busy taking other missionaries to the station. Me and Elder Fisher couldn't believe it! So I thought I'd mention it in this email (by the way I survived the dodgy roads of Bedford).


Elder Chew 

The Bletchley crew

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