Monday, 23 February 2015

23/02/15 - Happy Chinese New Year!‏

Good afternoon,

Last week has been pretty crazy. Last Wednesday was when it all happened. There was a special mission leadership conference in London for all the leaders, including district leaders. So Elder Yeap and I did an exchange with the Northampton Elders. On the way there the car started to act funny and the engine kept losing power. This same situation happened a few weeks ago, but I thought it stopped. I told Elder Lauriola to take it easy on the car, because there is something is wrong. He drove to London with Elder Yeap and it was fine, however when they came back to Northampton they said they almost died! The engine died many times and it felt like it was going to die on the motorway. As soon as we met them they said a prayer of gratitude. The car has been fine since then and we're going to take it in to get checked tomorrow.

On the same day I started to get a painful lump on my gums and according to the dentist I have advanced aggressive gum disease! I've been taking medication and painkillers. The lump has gone down a bit and hopefully it should go away in a few more days. 

For Chinese New Year, I was on an exchange with Elder Zhao. He hasn't celebrated Chinese New Year in 5 years so we decided to go to the Fu's restaurant for some Chinese food! Their food is amazing and they won't let the missionaries pay! Me and Elder Yeap got Chinese New Year cards from Soi-ling one of our recent converts.

The missionary work has been going well. It has been a bit slow due to holiday and sickness. We found a new investigator who has an ex-Mormon girlfriend and he does Shotokan Karate (Elder Chew has a black belt in Shotokan Karate) ! He let us in straight away, because his girlfriend said that if you meet the missionaries you have to let them in because they're out in the cold all the time. He's got a lot of potential to be a member and I'm hoping the girlfriend when we meet her won't turn us away. 

Have a happy Chinese New Year!


Elder Chew

Elder Zhao and Elder Chew  (technically they have the same last name) Zhao is in Mandrine and Chew is in Cantonese !

Fu restaurant - I want to go there after his mission

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