Monday, 30 March 2015

30/03/15 - Happy Easter!‏

Hey everyone,

I've got my new trainee!! His name is Elder Coon from some weird place called Utah. He lives in West Valley which is 15 minutes away from Salt Lake City. He has never been to England before, but he's loving his mission. During the meeting where the trainers meet their companions I thought for a moment I might get Elder Chu... President Jordan pointed this out and said it wouldn't be right. I'm grateful to be able to train Elder Coon. He's doing well and I know he has a lot of potential. 

The main highlight apart from getting Elder Coon was the lesson we had with our investigator C. at the Kassinen's house and they only live about 5 minutes away from each other! We had dinner with them and then a lesson. It was fantastic and C. was able to see what a family in the church is like. They were able to help answer her many questions too. Sister Kassinen has offered to take C.

Elder Coon
to watch the women's part of general conference! Having members in lessons is so powerful and we need to do it more often. I'm happy that I get to be in Bletchley for another 6 weeks, but I think it will be my last 6 weeks in Bletchley. 

The church has launched the Easter initiative (similar to the He is the Gift initiative at Christmas). Please use this Easter season and the tools the church has provided us with to share the gospel! I know that there may be opposition, but we will feel all the better for giving people a chance to hear this great message.

The Because He Lives video (share it on your social networks) - 

Easter pass-along cards should be available from the missionaries.


Elder Chew

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

24/03/15 - Transfer's week

Good morning,

Transfers is already here and Elder Yeap will be heading back home on Wednesday. I will miss serving with him, but he said he will come visit England hopefully next year and may even come to Sheffield! I will be staying in Bletchley 2 again and President has asked me to train a new missionary! I can't believe I'm already training! It feels like I just finished being trained. President Jordan seems to trust me with a new missionary, so I will have to make sure that I'm setting a good example in every way. This will be a learning experience for me and the new missionary.

C. new investigator has some doubts about the Book of Mormon we have been trying to resolve. She has prayed to know if it's true, but she feels that all she needs is the Bible. We have given her scriptures about the Bible testifying of the Book of Mormon. We asked her how she came to know the Bible is true and she said through the experiences she has had with the Bible. We told her that's how we come to know the Book of Mormon is true -  by experimenting on what it has to say. No matter how many scriptures we give to people if they don't act with a sincere heart, real intent and faith in Jesus Christ they will not be able to feel the presence of the spirit. She wants to continue meeting with us, but wants to do things in her own time. I believe that as she feels the spirit her desire to be baptised with the right authority will grow.

We finally got in touch with our investigator L. He couldn't see us for many days, because of how busy he was with other appointments. On the good side he has given up smoking completely! He told us to call him this week and I can't wait for him to come to church. Right now we believe the only word of wisdom issue is drinking and then we will be trying to bring his baptismal date forward.

I'm in London until Wednesday with Elder Hayman from Australia, because Elder Yeap is at the temple. We're not sure what we should do for P-day, probably have a look around the shops and museums. Talk to you later!
Just before the solar eclipse. Sorry it was hard to get a good picture.

Me, Elder Yeap and a recent convert.


Elder Chew

Monday, 9 March 2015

09/03/15 - New investigators!

Good afternoon,

Yesterday at church was great! We finally had N come to church and our new couple investigators came as well! They live about 35 minutes away and they made the effort to come. They went to their church in the morning and then soon after came to ours! All the lessons and talks were about repentance and both of them said it was worth it. The ward helped to fellowship them too and they want to come back next time! The Lord has really blessed us and when we go to see them this week - we hope to put them on baptismal date. 

We had zone conference on Tuesday which was very good. We learned about starting conversations and leading them to a question of the soul. President Brooke's taught us to introduce family history work as a method of finding. President Jordan taught us about having the faith to find and to find on the way. I'm trying to get better at finding and hopefully as I try to open mouth to everyone I meet, we will see more success in our area.

As a district we had a little competition in order for us to find new investigators. At the end of last week the companionships with the least amount of new investigators would have to cook district lunch for the one with the most. The Milton Keynes sisters got 4 and we got 2. So all of us are going to be cooking for each other and the MK sisters on Wednesday. 

Keep on doing missionary work and share the gospel with those you come across. I like what one of our new investigator said yesterday about repentance - "it's like having a good bath". We need this "good bath" everyday and with godly sorrow in our hearts it will bring us one step closer to perfection.


Elder Chew

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

02/03/2015 - Miracle lady and teeth problems!‏

Good afternoon,

I found out this morning that I have to get a filling before my tooth decays to the nerve. I haven't been feeling any pain in that tooth, but it looks like I have to go back...

I got my first referral! And it turns out that she has been very prepared. She goes to her own Evangelical church in Buckingham and will read the Book of Mormon. We invited her to church, but she wants to read first. She preferred for all of us to say prayers when we opened and closed, when she gave her prayer she talked about us being bold like lions. Which is something President Jordan would say to us. She has a special talent in receiving impressions for pictures she should draw (she can draw/paint really well). I asked her what kind of picture she would draw for us and she thought of us wearing armour going around people's houses and using our shield of faith to defend ourselves. Her husband Andy wasn't there for the lesson, but he was very impressed with us. When we got back to the flat this is the text message we received: "My husband was very impressed with you both and says you are welcome to come again. In just the short time he met and spoke to you (and what he heard from scraps of our conversation and prayers) he formed the impression that you are a credit to your church and great ambassadors for your faith. He said you are very brave and wanted to encourage you to keep going. He was most impressed by the difference between you and most worldly young men, and that you have dignity."

I couldn't believe what I read! We only talked to him for 30 seconds and I felt like he wasn't really bothered about us, but It looks like we have the green light to go back! I'm so grateful that I've been trying my best to be worthy of the spirit and an example to those around me. It's people like her that will recognise us as servants of the Lord. Make sure you be the light to all those around you and I can promise that you will receive much joy.
Man challenge at zone meeting

Elder Romney's gift to President and Sister Jordan


Elder Chew