Tuesday, 24 March 2015

24/03/15 - Transfer's week

Good morning,

Transfers is already here and Elder Yeap will be heading back home on Wednesday. I will miss serving with him, but he said he will come visit England hopefully next year and may even come to Sheffield! I will be staying in Bletchley 2 again and President has asked me to train a new missionary! I can't believe I'm already training! It feels like I just finished being trained. President Jordan seems to trust me with a new missionary, so I will have to make sure that I'm setting a good example in every way. This will be a learning experience for me and the new missionary.

C. new investigator has some doubts about the Book of Mormon we have been trying to resolve. She has prayed to know if it's true, but she feels that all she needs is the Bible. We have given her scriptures about the Bible testifying of the Book of Mormon. We asked her how she came to know the Bible is true and she said through the experiences she has had with the Bible. We told her that's how we come to know the Book of Mormon is true -  by experimenting on what it has to say. No matter how many scriptures we give to people if they don't act with a sincere heart, real intent and faith in Jesus Christ they will not be able to feel the presence of the spirit. She wants to continue meeting with us, but wants to do things in her own time. I believe that as she feels the spirit her desire to be baptised with the right authority will grow.

We finally got in touch with our investigator L. He couldn't see us for many days, because of how busy he was with other appointments. On the good side he has given up smoking completely! He told us to call him this week and I can't wait for him to come to church. Right now we believe the only word of wisdom issue is drinking and then we will be trying to bring his baptismal date forward.

I'm in London until Wednesday with Elder Hayman from Australia, because Elder Yeap is at the temple. We're not sure what we should do for P-day, probably have a look around the shops and museums. Talk to you later!
Just before the solar eclipse. Sorry it was hard to get a good picture.

Me, Elder Yeap and a recent convert.


Elder Chew

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