Monday, 30 March 2015

30/03/15 - Happy Easter!‏

Hey everyone,

I've got my new trainee!! His name is Elder Coon from some weird place called Utah. He lives in West Valley which is 15 minutes away from Salt Lake City. He has never been to England before, but he's loving his mission. During the meeting where the trainers meet their companions I thought for a moment I might get Elder Chu... President Jordan pointed this out and said it wouldn't be right. I'm grateful to be able to train Elder Coon. He's doing well and I know he has a lot of potential. 

The main highlight apart from getting Elder Coon was the lesson we had with our investigator C. at the Kassinen's house and they only live about 5 minutes away from each other! We had dinner with them and then a lesson. It was fantastic and C. was able to see what a family in the church is like. They were able to help answer her many questions too. Sister Kassinen has offered to take C.

Elder Coon
to watch the women's part of general conference! Having members in lessons is so powerful and we need to do it more often. I'm happy that I get to be in Bletchley for another 6 weeks, but I think it will be my last 6 weeks in Bletchley. 

The church has launched the Easter initiative (similar to the He is the Gift initiative at Christmas). Please use this Easter season and the tools the church has provided us with to share the gospel! I know that there may be opposition, but we will feel all the better for giving people a chance to hear this great message.

The Because He Lives video (share it on your social networks) - 

Easter pass-along cards should be available from the missionaries.


Elder Chew

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