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20/04/15 - 28th April Reserve The Day?‏

Good morning!

The weather over the past couple weeks has been fantastic and we've been busy trying to get all of the AUFs (address unknown files) done before the end of this month. These are less-active members who have fallen off the church records. Yesterday we tried stopping by one of them and the first door we knocked we found another less-active who already has visiting teachers! 

On Saturday we went to London for Elder Coon's (latest companions who is a greenie) 3 week missionary meeting. The main things that stood out to me was exercise, planning and getting members to do missionary work. Over the past couple weeks we have been getting up at around 6:00 am to go for a run around our estate. Elder Coon puts me to shame and just when I'm about to die he tells me he's going to do a lap around the football fields (he has been running since he was about 12 though). Sister Jordan's advice about going outside in the morning really does help with setting the mood for the rest of the day. It make studies less tiring too! 

President Jordan created a 3 step plan to get members to do missionary work.

1. Pray: Have the members pray for missionary opportunities and through their faith the Lord will prepare somebody for them.

2. Start a conversation: Having a casual conversation about the church/gospel without using gospel terms will help others understand the benefits of the gospel. There will be something that will highlight a principle of the gospel in which you can bear testimony of and offer more.

3. Invite: Having the members invite their friends/family to church, ward activities or FHE will allow them to "come and see". The missionaries will be able to work with members to teach their friends/family investigators.

Our zone calendar for this transfer says "Reserve The Day" on April 28th. We weren't sure what it could be and guessed it to be a general authority visiting. President Jordan was about to tell us at the 3 week missionary meeting and then kept us in suspense by saying he will tell us on the mission-wide conference call... That night at 10:00 pm he told everyone that we will be visited by 2 general authorities - Elder Kearon and Elder Nielson. Elder Kearon is the 1st councillor in the Europe area presidency and Elder Nielson spoke last conference about the prodigal son. They will be talking to us about the use of ipads!! President and Sister Jordan plan to go to Germany to be trained by Elder Bednar about ipads so they can teach us. We should be getting ipads at our next zone meeting! It's about time the no.1 mission gets to use technology in missionary work. According to Elder Coon we won't have to use our planners anymore, because everything is done digitally. Elder Kopischke in the Bletchley 1 area will be going home soon, so he's not too happy about the late arrival of ipads.

I hope you're all enjoying the sunshine! Let me know if you have any questions.

#Because He Lives - We finally got the ward picture done and it's on FB.
We were surprised when we found this dog (he's not dead) and he didn't even bark at us. I think he was just enjoying the warm weather!


Elder Chew

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