Monday, 11 May 2015

11/05/15 - Mother's Day Skype Call‏

Good afternoon,

Thanks for Skyping with me! It was really nice seeing all of you
including Bob and Vinnie the guinea pigs! My first few days in
Kettering have been exciting. We live in the city centre so almost all
the time it's busy (it reminds me of Chelmsford). However, finding in
the city centre hasn't been too effective lately. My back and neck
have been aching more than usual since I've been here and I should be
seeing a physio to see what should be done. I'm missing the car
already :(

Me and Elder Tomás have seen the Lord working with us. We prayed for
someone who is prepared before we left the flat and as soon as we
stepped outside we saw an African lady who was struggling with her
bags. We immediately went over to offer assistance and she said "yes,
God bless you". She bought a lot of things to prepare for her friend's
son's first birthday. It turned out that she had been taught by
previous missionaries and is happy to have us come back again. She
wanted us to say a prayer for the baby, so we all held each other's
hands in a circle and I said a prayer. They were happy and grateful
that we could help them. I know the Lord answers prayers, sometimes it
isn't as quick, but he always listens and answers.


Elder Chew

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