Monday, 29 June 2015

29/06/15 - Farewell Conference‏

Good afternoon,

On Wednesday we said our goodbyes to President and Sister Jordan. We had Sister Jordan's brownies for the last time and they're still really good. President and Sister Jordan talked to us about the children's illustration "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie". They said if you give a mouse a cookie he will want a glass of milk, if he wants a glass of milk he will want a straw etc etc... They made a clear point about doing the small and simple things. If a person reads and prays about the Book of Mormon he will want to come to church and if he wants to come to church he will want to be baptised. This helped me to really understand the need to constantly follow-up with our investigators reading and praying. President Jordan talked to us about 1 Nephi 8 - Lehi's vision of the tree of life. After our missions are over we still need to hold on to the rod of iron so we can taste of God's love which comes through the Atonement of Jesus Christ. This way we will not fall away during the trials of the world. 

Sister Jordan likes to make us laminated cards with inspiring quotes and we finally got one from President Jordan. It says "There is no lid". President Jordan gave a training about the fleas in a jar. If you put the lid on, the fleas will keep hitting the lid. After a while they will only jump so high so they won't hit the lid. You can then remove the lid without the fleas jumping out. The message is that "there is no lid". We shouldn't put a lid on our potential, because of ourselves or what other missionaries have said or done. The Lord makes us capable of going beyond our limits and I know that he can because he has been there for me.

Hopefully we can see them again tomorrow before they leave, because we have zone meeting in the morning. Last week has gone well. We managed to put 2 people back on date and put somebody new on date. A couple days ago I was on the bus talking to a man named Alex about the Book of Mormon. He seemed interested, but had to leave before I managed to get his address. We got off the bus at Morrisons to get some milk and as we headed back guess who was walking by! Alex was there and I got his address! We were both surprised to see each other, but I know that the Lord will place those he wants us to teach in our way. 


Elder Chew

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

22/06/15 - Broken Wrist!‏

Good morning everyone,

There has been a small accident last week. We were playing Football on Saturday and Elder Sarjeant hurt himself, but it wasn't from football. He was play-fighting with our 14 year old investigator who kept annoying him (I didn't know until afterwards). He put his wrist in a bad position and it got pushed too hard. However, he ignored the pain and finished playing football. Afterwards he kept moaning and moaning about the pain. His wrist swelled up and I told him he needs to call Sister Jordan.

We spent a long time at A&E yesterday and it turns out that it wasn't a sprain. He fractured a bit of his lunate (a bone in the wrist) and now he has a half cast! This is the first time I'm with a crippled companion! Missionary life can bring all sorts!

Being a district leader isn't easy. My first district meeting went well the other week. Giving good advice for other missionaries investigator's isn't that simple. I need to treat them as if they were my own investigators. Always having a positive attitude towards the work and complimenting the missionaries is something I'm working on. I have to be the example of what I want the rest of the district to be. I haven't done any exchanges yet, but I need to this week so I can post the exchange sheets to President.

This Wednesday we have President and Sister Jordan's farewell conference. There's going to be a change when President and Sister Stevens arrive. It shouldn't be difficult, because it will be like the first time coming into the mission field and adjusting to programs. This is what President Jordan has to say:

"1. Change is good. Every mission president and wife bring their own strengths, talents and experiences to the assignment. Each is different and each has something unique to contribute. If we embrace change, we will be prepared to receive the blessings the Lord desires to bestow through the service of our new leaders. You will see that the Lord has prepared President and Sister Stevens to lead the Mission in their own special way that will build wonderfully upon all the work that has gone before."

I'm grateful that President and Sister Jordan have been there to help me for almost half my mission and now I'm privileged to get a new mission president and his wife. Embracing change is part of the gospel and at the moment it's been difficult to get our investigators to do this. Me and Elder Sarjeant just need to continue finding those who are prepared.


Elder Chew

District meeting

Monday, 15 June 2015

15/06/15 - Stratford 2!‏

Good afternoon everyone,

I've finally made it to London and it's completely different to all the other areas I've served in. There are so many people and it seems like the white, British person is the minority around here. The people are very nice and are willing to give you plenty of help for directions. 

My new companion is Elder Sargeant from New Zealand. He's helping me to adjust to the new area and he's a good teacher. Being a district leader is a big change, because now I'm not only focused in my area, but 3 other areas!

On Friday we had our mission conference with the London South Mission, because Elder Holland came to speak to us! He shook all of our hands and asked us where we're from. He later told us that he didn't really care about our name or where we came from, but wanted to have a personal interview with us. He wanted to look into our eyes and into our soul. He told us that most of us are good, but there are a few that need to improve. His message about missionary work and the Atonement was powerful. He told us that we need more power and authority in the work. He shared Helaman 5:17-19 with us and it mentions "power and authority" twice. It was through this power and authority that they baptised 8000 Lamanites. Elder Holland wants us to cause personal earthquakes in peoples lives, like it mentions in Mosiah when the angel appeared to Alma the younger. He said we have more authority than the leaders in the world and we need to act like it! He said many other things and shared very strong emotions about how he feels when missionaries leave the church. Elder Holland was amazing and he is undoubtedly an Apostle of the Lord.  

My first Sunday in Stratford was superb! It's my first African ward and we had a munch and mingle because there was a return missionary from Taiwan! We played football on Saturday morning and the Bishop came to play with us. He told me that I'm now in the Celestial kingdom! We have a few people on baptismal date and I'm praying that they will progress. I did my first baptismal interview with the zone leader's investigator who was a self-referral on I felt the spirit as he bore his testimony about the missionaries and the gospel of Jesus Christ changing his life around completely. He loved listening to the broadcast the other week with Elder Holland and when he left the chapel he felt like he was on top of the world, despite the many issues he's going through. 

I know the church is true and it is so good! When we invite our friends to church activities, especially general conference or other broadcasts they can experience the joy and relief the church brings. Happiness only doubles when you share it!


Elder Chew
Good Bye Kettering

 Sister Schmidts birthday party with Philippine food!

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

09/06/15 - I'm leaving?!?‏

Good afternoon,

We got back to the flat last night and started to plan. We both
expected to stay here in Kettering. All of a sudden the phone rings
and Elder Tomas throws it to me. I look at it and it's President
Jordan calling at 9:30 pm! It turns out that we're both leaving!! I'm
moving to Stratford in the London north zone to become the district
leader there. Elder Tomas is going to Gorleston in the Norwich zone.
There's a lot of missionaries leaving so President has closed down
Kettering 3 and today we had an exchange to help Elder Crawley and
Elder Wu take over our teaching pool. It turned out to be a big
surprise for all the district.

Elder Crawley has told me that Stratford is a really good place (that
was his last area). I'm a little disappointed that we have to leave
the good people we found here in Kettering. The Lord has given me more
responsibilities. I know that he will use me to do his work in London!
I can officially say I'm now an England London missionary!

Love Elder Chew

Thursday, 4 June 2015

02/06/15 - Church Attendance

Last P day with President and Sister Jordan . Can you find Elder Chew?
Good afternoon,

I'm emailing today, because P-day was moved as President and Sister
Jordan came to visit. President Jordan made us Costco hot dogs which
were really good and there was sauerkraut too!

I will keep this short as I have to go soon. Our investigator L.
came to church and his fears about church left him as he realised that
we're genuine people. He felt the spirit and didn't smoke the whole 3
hours. Whereas in his old church he would go for a smoke every 10
minutes. I know that revelation comes from church attendance. L.
wants to come to church every single week and he wants to get
his girlfriend to come. I know that this is the Lord's restored
church. People who come to church will feel the spirit and their
testimonies will grow. Invite your friends to church!

Zone conference


Elder Chew

P/S From Elder's mom - His back is on the mend. Here is what he said - I have seen the physiotherapist a couple more times and she has been using ultrasound with massaging to help my back. She managed to push one bit of my spine back into place. This is at the very top of my spine. It has been getting better, but I need to do my stretches throughout the day. I bought a tension rope to do some rows to help strengthen my back.

President and Sister Jordan has now been replaced with President and Sister Stevens!  We will miss the Jordans, they have been so good with our Elders. Jesse Young went to see them to bid good-bye.  

"This weekend, I got to pay one last visit to President and Sister Jordan before I jet off. I couldn't ask for better leaders and role models, and neither could the England London Mission."  

Check out this video made by the England London Mission 2015 !