Monday, 15 June 2015

15/06/15 - Stratford 2!‏

Good afternoon everyone,

I've finally made it to London and it's completely different to all the other areas I've served in. There are so many people and it seems like the white, British person is the minority around here. The people are very nice and are willing to give you plenty of help for directions. 

My new companion is Elder Sargeant from New Zealand. He's helping me to adjust to the new area and he's a good teacher. Being a district leader is a big change, because now I'm not only focused in my area, but 3 other areas!

On Friday we had our mission conference with the London South Mission, because Elder Holland came to speak to us! He shook all of our hands and asked us where we're from. He later told us that he didn't really care about our name or where we came from, but wanted to have a personal interview with us. He wanted to look into our eyes and into our soul. He told us that most of us are good, but there are a few that need to improve. His message about missionary work and the Atonement was powerful. He told us that we need more power and authority in the work. He shared Helaman 5:17-19 with us and it mentions "power and authority" twice. It was through this power and authority that they baptised 8000 Lamanites. Elder Holland wants us to cause personal earthquakes in peoples lives, like it mentions in Mosiah when the angel appeared to Alma the younger. He said we have more authority than the leaders in the world and we need to act like it! He said many other things and shared very strong emotions about how he feels when missionaries leave the church. Elder Holland was amazing and he is undoubtedly an Apostle of the Lord.  

My first Sunday in Stratford was superb! It's my first African ward and we had a munch and mingle because there was a return missionary from Taiwan! We played football on Saturday morning and the Bishop came to play with us. He told me that I'm now in the Celestial kingdom! We have a few people on baptismal date and I'm praying that they will progress. I did my first baptismal interview with the zone leader's investigator who was a self-referral on I felt the spirit as he bore his testimony about the missionaries and the gospel of Jesus Christ changing his life around completely. He loved listening to the broadcast the other week with Elder Holland and when he left the chapel he felt like he was on top of the world, despite the many issues he's going through. 

I know the church is true and it is so good! When we invite our friends to church activities, especially general conference or other broadcasts they can experience the joy and relief the church brings. Happiness only doubles when you share it!


Elder Chew
Good Bye Kettering

 Sister Schmidts birthday party with Philippine food!

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