Monday, 29 June 2015

29/06/15 - Farewell Conference‏

Good afternoon,

On Wednesday we said our goodbyes to President and Sister Jordan. We had Sister Jordan's brownies for the last time and they're still really good. President and Sister Jordan talked to us about the children's illustration "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie". They said if you give a mouse a cookie he will want a glass of milk, if he wants a glass of milk he will want a straw etc etc... They made a clear point about doing the small and simple things. If a person reads and prays about the Book of Mormon he will want to come to church and if he wants to come to church he will want to be baptised. This helped me to really understand the need to constantly follow-up with our investigators reading and praying. President Jordan talked to us about 1 Nephi 8 - Lehi's vision of the tree of life. After our missions are over we still need to hold on to the rod of iron so we can taste of God's love which comes through the Atonement of Jesus Christ. This way we will not fall away during the trials of the world. 

Sister Jordan likes to make us laminated cards with inspiring quotes and we finally got one from President Jordan. It says "There is no lid". President Jordan gave a training about the fleas in a jar. If you put the lid on, the fleas will keep hitting the lid. After a while they will only jump so high so they won't hit the lid. You can then remove the lid without the fleas jumping out. The message is that "there is no lid". We shouldn't put a lid on our potential, because of ourselves or what other missionaries have said or done. The Lord makes us capable of going beyond our limits and I know that he can because he has been there for me.

Hopefully we can see them again tomorrow before they leave, because we have zone meeting in the morning. Last week has gone well. We managed to put 2 people back on date and put somebody new on date. A couple days ago I was on the bus talking to a man named Alex about the Book of Mormon. He seemed interested, but had to leave before I managed to get his address. We got off the bus at Morrisons to get some milk and as we headed back guess who was walking by! Alex was there and I got his address! We were both surprised to see each other, but I know that the Lord will place those he wants us to teach in our way. 


Elder Chew

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