Monday, 27 July 2015

27/07/15 - Everything's so expensive!‏

Good afternoon,

Training again is exciting! Unfortunately my trainer left as his
second grandson came into the mission. His name is Elder Dias and he's
from Brazil! He knows how to speak Portuguese and he's in the perfect
place for finding Portuguese speakers! We went finding outside of the
Hyde Park chapel and he was just speechless... He finds everything in
England so strange, especially now that he has to talk to people as a
missionary. He keeps telling me that everything is so expensive and
I'm trying to teach him that it is expensive, but letting him know
which things are affordable. It reminds me of the time I was being
trained, but I know that he'll soon adjust to the missionary life.

The Ilford ward mission leader put on Meet The Mormons last week and
we had a pretty cool miracle. We were outside near the chapel and I
was about to talk to this one lady, but she started talking to me
first. Her name is Sumera and she was really interested in what we do
and our church. Her bus came and we quickly gave her our card with our
number. She said she will text us. 5 minutes later we actually got a
text message from her! We invited her to watch Meet the Mormons and
she came! Then on Sunday she came to church! She's getting her
master's degree in teaching and has a desire to be baptised. She's
very prepared, but she belongs in Ilford's area. So it was a miracle
referral for Ilford. I have the faith that one day it will be the
other way around!


Elder Chew

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