Tuesday, 25 August 2015

24/08/15 - 3 week missionary meeting‏

Good afternoon,

We had an exchange with one of the assistants last week. We were in a trio with Elder Gore from York! We learned a lot together. I learned that no matter how busy you may be, there is always someone you can talk to and share the gospel with. We had our 3 week missionary meeting which we enjoyed. President Stevens talked about Samson being a Nazarite. He compared our setting a part as missionaries to be like a Nazarite, because they are consecrated. As we become consecrated missionaries we will be strengthened and blessed greatly like Samson.

Our area is doing well and we hope to see a couple of our friends being baptised on Saturday! I was on a split with the Stratford 1 Elders and we went to see a 'dry member' Marcelo. He bought us dinner and he shared a cool experience with us. He told us that he saw us walking near the train station and wanted to talk, but didn't because we looked busy. Elder Kendall and Elder Salisbury were looking through the area book that night and found his name. They felt that they should contact him and they setup an appointment with him. When we realised this, we were amazed! The Lord works in mysterious ways, but I know he will help us to find those who are ready as we put the effort in to search.

From my studies I was reading from an MTC talk "The Miracle of a Mission" by Elder Holland. I would like to share this paragraph. "I’m grateful for the way you look. It’s very important that the messenger be worthy of the message. We ask you to look a certain way and act a certain way because of the message. This is more important than anything you’ve ever done in your life. However, we feel . . . and I’m sure you’ve been wondering . . . however significant your lives may have been . . . and I’m sure you’ve done very important things, . . . this is higher and holier and more sacred and more eternal than anything you’ve ever done. It is by definition the most important thing you can do in the world, in time or eternity. For this reason you are engaged in the saving of the human soul. And that is the highest and holiest work in the universe." I have always known missionary work to be important and Elder Holland puts this forward very clearly. This is "the most important thing you can do in the world". Reading this really motivated me to keep moving forward in the work and I hope it does the same for you.


Elder Chew

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