Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Last few weeks

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Hi Everyone,

I am writing on behalf of Elder Chew today.  He had been really diligent in emailing to us his weekly or biweekly reports from his mission, however in the last two weeks he has been busy and a bit under the weather. 

Some of you may know, he has some back problem and was allowed to use a back pack on his mission but at the moment he cannot even carry weight on his back because it has been painful.  Not to worry, he went to Bupa and is getting treatment such as acupuncture for it.

He also has some dental issues and is sorting it out this week...he will need a root canal. This may sound familiar with missionaries.  I will share this little bit from Elder Chew's correspondence with Aaron :

Thanks for the update. The physiotherapist used acupuncture everywhere on my back and now it aches more than ever. She's given me some exercises so I can strengthen my core. I could really use one of those massages right now. Elder Dias tries his best to help, but it just isn't the same. Mum sent me some oil so maybe that will help.

I agree there always has to be opposition in life or else we wouldn't really appreciate the sweet joy that comes from the love of God. Missionary life has it's mist of darkness, however there's a lot to learn from going through these times. My faith has grown stronger in the Savior. I have been relying more and more for his guidance through sincere prayers with real intent. President Stevens during our interview said that we've been through a few wars together - it's all worth it though. I'm grateful for his help and love. Keep pressing on! I will keep you in my prayers.


Elder Chew

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