Monday, 26 October 2015

26/10/15 - My new companion!‏

Good evening,

My new companion is Elder Muwanika! Elder Coon got it right... He's from Africa! He comes from Uganda and speaks Swahili (his English is good too)! I'm excited that I have another brand new missionary to train. He's still adjusting to England and still cannot believe there are so many people that smoke. On the first evening in the mission we had our first lesson with our friend - E. We setup our expectations with him and put him on baptismal date for November. We will be seeing him tomorrow and he should be coming to church this Sunday!

The Hyde park stake conference last week was great! We watched a live broadcast from the Lea Valley chapel and got to listen to President Kearon (president of the Europe area) and President Burton (general Relief Society president). I loved the messages about turning to Christ and following him exactly so that we can experience the sweet joy of the restored gospel. President Kearon gave a comparison of when he went surfing, he kept falling off over and over again. He listened and followed his friend's instructions even though he had to put his body in a position that he wasn't comfortable with. After many attempts he followed his friend's instructions and was surfing! He felt incredible joy from finally surfing after the many times he fell down. He taught me that we need to keep on getting up and relying on the Savior's Atonement no matter what we have done or where we have been. He said that he eventually let go of the rope that was attached to the boat in front of him. He made the point that if we are to experience the full joy, we need to let go of bad habits. I'm thankful for our Savior Jesus Christ. He is our best friend and leader. I know that by trusting in his teachings he will deliver us and bring true joy to our souls.


Elder Chew

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

13/10/15 - Transfer Week


It's already moves this week and there's gonna be some changes. Elder
Dias is leaving me! He's all grown up and will be going to Witham
(it's in my first district, near to Chelmsford). I'm going to be
staying here as I expected because of my dental problems, but I'm
going to give birth again?!? Yep the Lord wants me to train another
new missionary. From what I've heard there's about 13 new missionaries
coming in on Wednesday. Elder Coon thinks he will either be from Utah
or Nigeria. I think he'll either be Asian or American. Elder Coon and
Elder Salisbury will be staying together so our flat will pretty much
stay the same.

Over the past weeks faith has been a topic that I've been thinking
more about. In zone meeting we studied the talk Agency and Inspiration
by Bruce R. McConkie. There's a  section that inspired me when Oliver
Cowdery tries to translate the plates.

“You Have Not Understood” Case  study  number  1:  There  was  a  man
named  Oliver  Cowdery.  …  He  wrote  down  the words  that  the
Prophet  dictated  while  the  Spirit  rested  upon  him  in  the
translation processes  (the  Book  of  Mormon  was  then  being
translated).  Brother  Cowdery  was relatively  spiritually  immature
at  that  time,  and  he  sought  and  desired  to  do  something
beyond  his  then  present  spiritual  capacity.  He  himself  wanted
to  translate.  And  so  he [asked]  the  Prophet,  the  Prophet  took
 the  matter  up  with  the  Lord,  and  they  got  a revelation.  The
 Lord  said,  “Oliver  Cowdery,  verily,  verily,  I  say  unto  you,
that  assuredly  as the  Lord  liveth,  who  is  your  God  and  your
Redeemer,  even  so  surely  shall  you  receive  a knowledge  of
whatsoever  things  you  shall  ask  in  faith,  with  an  honest
heart,  believing that  you  shall  receive.”  And  then  one  thing
he  might  receive  is  defined  as  “a  knowledge concerning  the
engravings  of  old  records,  which  are  ancient,  which  contain
those  parts of  my scripture  of  which  has  been  spoken  by  the
manifestation  of  my  Spirit”  [D&C  8:1].

Having  thus  dealt  with  the  specific  problem,  then  the  Lord
revealed  a  principle  that applies  to  it  and  all  other  like
situations:  “Yea,  behold,  I  will  tell  you  in  your  mind  and
in your  heart,  by  the  Holy  Ghost,  which  shall  come  upon  you
and  which  shall  dwell  in  your heart.  Now,  behold,  this  is
the  spirit  of  revelation”  (D&C  8:2–3). …

…  And  so  he  asked.  And  as  you  know,  he  failed;  he  was
totally  unable  to  translate.  … The  matter  was  referred  back
to  the  Lord,  whose  promise  they  had  been  attempting  to
conform  to;  and  the  answer  came,  the  reason  came,  why  he
couldn’t  translate:  “You have  not  understood;  you  have  supposed
 that  I  would  give  it  unto  you,  when  you  took no  thought
save  it  was  to  ask  me”  (D&C  9:7).

Now,  seemingly,  that’s  all  he’d  been  instructed  to  do,  to
ask  in  faith;  but  implicit  in asking  in  faith  is  the
precedent  requirement  that  we  do  everything  in  our  power  to
accomplish  the  goal  that  we  seek.  We  use  the  agency  with
which  we  have  been endowed.  We  use  every  faculty  and  capacity
 and  ability  that  we  possess  to  bring  about the  eventuality
that  may  be  involved.  Now,  this  is  translating  the  Book  of
Mormon,  it’s choosing  a  wife,  it’s  choosing  employment,  it’s
doing  any  one  of  10,000  important things  that  arise  in  our
lives.  …"

Asking in faith means a lot more than just praying with a sincere
heart and with real intent. We need to show the Lord that we are
willing to "do everything in our power to accomplish the goal that we
seek". Me and Elder Dias prayed to find a family with a future
councillor. We went tracting near Barking last week and we talked to
some good people, but they weren't very interested. During that time,
I noticed a family behind us walking to a block of flats. I felt good
about going to speak to them and then we proceeded to meet them. We
then managed to set a return appointment! The father met with
missionaries in the past and wants to learn more about the Book of
Mormon. Elder Dias felt the spirit and testified of the first vision!
He's 7 day Adventist and has a few questions, but said that he will be
able to come to church this weekend! I'm grateful that through prayer
and through showing our faith by going out to do something good the
Lord increases the outcome.


Elder Chew

More people should leave notes on their doors when they can't meet!