Saturday, 28 November 2015

24/11/15 - Moving again?!‏

President called yesterday and told me that I'm going to Norwich to be
with Elder Vianna da Silva! Elder da Silva was trained by Elder Hesen!
I really didn't expect to move again after 3 weeks, but the Romford
zone is doing really well! I will have to call Rosa and José (the
Mexican couple) after their baptism this Saturday.

Last week we had a good time at the Herbertsons! Elder Herbertson
spoke at our zone conference about a year ago. They said we can go to
their house for Christmas. We got to see his cool garage of Audi's
(see the picture). Everything else is going well. My back still has a
permanent knot and the exercises haven't done much yet. I know the
Lord will help me press on!

Thank you for the awesome missionary card and the book of quotes!! The
other picture is me on an exchange with Elder Cornelio (my MTC


Elder Chew

Monday, 16 November 2015

16/11/15- Zone Conference‏

Hey everyone,

Last week went by so quickly. We had 2 exchanges and a mini exchange.
I got to go to Grays on Wednesday after our zone conference. I was
with Elder Delate who is from South Africa and we found a new person
to teach! His name is L.
from Lithuania. We had a good conversation about his life in Grays and how the restored gospel can improve his life. He's willing to learn, but didn't have his mobile with him. So we asked him to text us when he got back to his phone. We were at the flat and he texted us back! He said that we're good people and that they're not many people like us in the world. We hope that he will accept a baptismal date soon. In Basildon we're planning to have a sweet Mexican couple baptised next week. Their names are Rosa and José. They feed us the best Mexican food and Elder Hesen seems to take the spicy food better than I can! At zone conference one of the trainings was about finding. They gave us an acronym to help us: S E E D - Smile, Enthusiastic, Eye-contact, Dauntless. Whenever we share the gospel we need to smile, be full of energy and be bold like lions.


Elder Chew

Super Clean Day


Today was probably the quickest P-day I've ever had. As a mission we
are all cleaning our flats, because the mission has been paying a lot
for flats that aren't taken good care of. Our flat looks a lot better
now and we can definitely feel a stronger spirit here. I'm wearing the
mask in the picture, because there was a lot of mould that needed

Our zone meeting last week went well. The zone enjoyed the trainings
and felt good about our goal of 6 baptisms this month and having 25
people on date for December. Now we need to show the Lord our faith
and desire in achieving these goals. Zone leader life is harder, but
it definitely feels more satisfying when you help and see other
missionaries grow! We are always doing Blitzes with other missionaries
(30-1hr finding sessions) and we have so many exchanges to do, but the
Lord has been blessing us. Have a wonderful week and look for the
Lord's tender mercies!


Elder Chew

Monday, 2 November 2015

02/11/15 - E.T. To Basildon!‏

New companion Elder Hesen

Previous Companion Elder Muwanika (Uganda)
If you would like to post a Christmas message to Elder Chew please send them to his new address as yet :

9 Walnut Close
SS15 4DT
And here is an update from Elder Chew:

Last Wednesday I missed a phone call from the assistants and from
President Stevens. President left a message for me saying that he has
a new assignment for me. Immediately I thought I'm going to be a zone
leader, but I kept doubting it in my mind because of my dental and
back problems. I spoke to him that night at 9:30 and he said I'm going
to be a zone leader and that I need to go to the office in the
morning! So the whole night I was packing and was pretty confused at
what was happening.

I still don't know why the emergency transfer took place in the middle
of the transfer, however I now have a new companion - Elder Hesen from
California! We're in Basildon, which is part of the Romford stake. I'm
still getting used to all my new responsibilities and still need to
re-gain the rest I lost (I don't think it will happen...).


Elder Chew