Monday, 16 November 2015

16/11/15- Zone Conference‏

Hey everyone,

Last week went by so quickly. We had 2 exchanges and a mini exchange.
I got to go to Grays on Wednesday after our zone conference. I was
with Elder Delate who is from South Africa and we found a new person
to teach! His name is L.
from Lithuania. We had a good conversation about his life in Grays and how the restored gospel can improve his life. He's willing to learn, but didn't have his mobile with him. So we asked him to text us when he got back to his phone. We were at the flat and he texted us back! He said that we're good people and that they're not many people like us in the world. We hope that he will accept a baptismal date soon. In Basildon we're planning to have a sweet Mexican couple baptised next week. Their names are Rosa and José. They feed us the best Mexican food and Elder Hesen seems to take the spicy food better than I can! At zone conference one of the trainings was about finding. They gave us an acronym to help us: S E E D - Smile, Enthusiastic, Eye-contact, Dauntless. Whenever we share the gospel we need to smile, be full of energy and be bold like lions.


Elder Chew

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