Monday, 2 November 2015

02/11/15 - E.T. To Basildon!‏

New companion Elder Hesen

Previous Companion Elder Muwanika (Uganda)
If you would like to post a Christmas message to Elder Chew please send them to his new address as yet :

9 Walnut Close
SS15 4DT
And here is an update from Elder Chew:

Last Wednesday I missed a phone call from the assistants and from
President Stevens. President left a message for me saying that he has
a new assignment for me. Immediately I thought I'm going to be a zone
leader, but I kept doubting it in my mind because of my dental and
back problems. I spoke to him that night at 9:30 and he said I'm going
to be a zone leader and that I need to go to the office in the
morning! So the whole night I was packing and was pretty confused at
what was happening.

I still don't know why the emergency transfer took place in the middle
of the transfer, however I now have a new companion - Elder Hesen from
California! We're in Basildon, which is part of the Romford stake. I'm
still getting used to all my new responsibilities and still need to
re-gain the rest I lost (I don't think it will happen...).


Elder Chew

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