Monday, 16 November 2015

Super Clean Day


Today was probably the quickest P-day I've ever had. As a mission we
are all cleaning our flats, because the mission has been paying a lot
for flats that aren't taken good care of. Our flat looks a lot better
now and we can definitely feel a stronger spirit here. I'm wearing the
mask in the picture, because there was a lot of mould that needed

Our zone meeting last week went well. The zone enjoyed the trainings
and felt good about our goal of 6 baptisms this month and having 25
people on date for December. Now we need to show the Lord our faith
and desire in achieving these goals. Zone leader life is harder, but
it definitely feels more satisfying when you help and see other
missionaries grow! We are always doing Blitzes with other missionaries
(30-1hr finding sessions) and we have so many exchanges to do, but the
Lord has been blessing us. Have a wonderful week and look for the
Lord's tender mercies!


Elder Chew

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