Tuesday, 29 December 2015

28-12-15 Christmas and Boxing day

Good morning!
Thank you for Skyping with me on Christmas. Christmas week felt a little hectic to me with all the rushing around from place to place and with the car accident. I'm grateful for the gifts you have sent me and for your support over the past year.

We met with Ryan a couple days ago. He's our new friend who prayed with us for the first time and really felt the spirit lifting his burdens. We found out that he received an answer to his prayers and has a job interview this week! It will make him work almost every single day, but he said he should be able to go to church with us this Sunday. It's amazing how the Lord can work with someone who has a humble heart. We are going to see him tomorrow evening.

We studied the talk "Stay by the Tree" by Elder Kevin W. Pearson in our November zone conference and it was brought up in our weekly email from president. He quoted “If enduring to the end is essential to eternal life, why do we struggle to be faithful? We struggle when we are caught between competing priorities. Casual obedience and lukewarm commitment weaken faith. Enduring to the end requires total commitment to the Savior and to our covenants.” Brother Booth gave the lesson in priesthood and he works for the American Air Force with communications. He gave an analogy of a 747 plane with 5 miles of copper cable and with a lot of communication equipment. He said if they didn't get the centre of gravity in the middle where it needed to be the plane would take off and fall out of the sky. It is the same with our lives, we need to put the Savior at the centre of everything and totally commit to him. I know this is the way we stay safe and eternally happy! Have a wonderful new year!
Elder Chew

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