Tuesday, 2 February 2016

1/02/16 Norwich Ward Conference


Last Sunday we had our ward conference. Me and Elder Vianna sang in the choir. Elder Vianna will forever be praised by the Norwich ward because he did a solo... They mentioned the Europe Area Plan -"Bring us to Him" and apparently Elder Ballard mentioned that it's the best area plan he's seen, because of it's simplicity! He said that Satan is the master of complexity and the Lord is the master of simplicity. Sometimes it seems that we can make the gospel very complex and can lose the focus of things. We have been sharing the Europe Area Plan and helping the members to create their own plans for the following 3: "Bring a friend", "Becoming spiritually and temporally self-reliant", "Find an ancestor". We're hoping that as we work along side the members in this plan we will be able to see the gospel in action to help with retention, reactivation and conversion.

The work is okay, but it can be a lot better. Some of the people we planned to come to church didn't go for family/work issues. Our stake president talked about observing the Sabbath day. The way we keep the Sabbath day holy is our sign to Heavenly Father and shows our relationship to the Savior. This is something I want to teach more when we speak with our non-member friends about church attendance.

We went finding in the city centre during the afternoon on Saturday and it was very busy. It was hard for us to have a good conversation with the people rushing around. I tried to follow the spirit and I stopped a family in the middle of the crowd. They seemed nice and it turns out that the mum used to go to church, she's less-active and her husband isn't a member. We felt excited that we were able to find this family and take it as a sign that we should work more with the part-member families in the ward. I know the Savior will help to put people in our path that we can be friends with and show them our example of true discipleship. “Preach the gospel at all times and if necessary, use words.” (President Uchtdorf) Have an amazing week!


Elder Chew

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