Wednesday, 17 February 2016

16/02/16 - Transfer Week

Transfer news this time has been pretty surprising! A lot of things are changing in the zone. My companion Elder Vianna Da Silva is going to the City ward in the Hyde park zone. This is a Portuguese speaking ward and he will be the district leader there. I will be getting Elder Alvey from... Utah!

I can't remember if I mentioned this before but, we had our Chinese New Year Party a couple weeks ago and a lot of good things happened. A lot of the Chinese recent-converts were there to help cook/eat the food and they brought some of their friends. A mum named Hua came because she was invited by Annie one of our recent-converts. We were heading back to the chapel for the party and we stopped her just outside the chapel. Once we made contact we immediately recognised each other. We invited her to the party and then we realised that she was already invited. It turns out that during my 1st or 2nd week in Norwich I stopped her family in the city centre and showed the Christmas video to her. She enjoyed it, but we lost contact with her for many weeks. She enjoyed the party and she came to sacrament meeting for the first time last week. She stayed afterwards for the Norwich sister's baptism too! She doesn't really have any religious background, but she is so humble and has been feeling the spirit through prayer. I'm very grateful that the Lord is mindful of everyone we talk to and wants to help them to find the truth.


Our faces after eating good food at the Blackhams
Sometimes the Lord blesses us with a new car!

Elder Chew

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