Tuesday, 29 March 2016

29/03/16 - Transfers week‏


Elder Alvey and I were blessed to see the baptisms for Saviours and Hua a couple weeks ago in the Norwich. It has been an amazing time teaching them, the sisters mainly taught Hua in Mandarin.  I know that it was a miracle that we saw her again at the Chinese New Year party. She is a close friend of some of our recent-converts who invited them to the party.  Now her husband is becoming more interested in the church!

Saviours was a self-referral, because he was talking to his friend in Canada who's a member and he wanted to check out the LDS church. He has the most sincere heart of anyone that I have taught. He asks really good questions and has grown in his faith. Seeing Saviours and Hua grow in the gospel has brought me so much joy. It really does build your testimony of the restored gospel that it works wonderfully!  Working with referrals it the best way to do missionary work. I'm a little sad that I have to leave Norwich to go back to Basildon, but I know that there are people I need to speak to down there.

Hope you have had a good Easter holiday and invite your friends to watch general conference :)

Love Elder Chew

Elder Chew's new address in Basildon and his 21st birthday is on 31st March :

9 Walnut Close, Basildon, SS15 5DS