Monday, 25 April 2016

25/04/16 - Summar's baptism

Hi friends and family,

Yesterday we witnessed the baptism of Summar! She's one of the primary
kids in the ward which turned out to be a convert baptism 😀. We are
grateful to see these families being blessed through baptism. Romford
stake is doing really well with 8 baptisms so far for the month of

We were in Southend finding with the Elders. It started hailing all of
a sudden, but me and Elder Nelson kept going. We spoke to a very
friendly Spanish girl, but she didn't want to commit to anything. We
continued trying to stop people and then we found a family from Haiti!
His best friend is a Mormon and he's willing to meet up. He will be
away for a week, but they will be contacting him soon.

I know the Lord is always wanting to bless us and we just need to keep
trusting him and praying a lot!


Elder Chew

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