Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Transfer to St. Albans


We have been so busy over the past couple days with moving flats. Our new flat is looking very nice and we told each other how terrible it would be if one of us had to move... It turns out that will be me! We got the call from President Stevens and I will be going to St. Albans to be with Elder Poole. He's a missionary from my MTC group, but he went to the Provo MTC. 

I was quite surprised because I thought I would get to stay here in Basildon longer this time. I'm really grateful that I had the time to see the ward again and to see the wonderful baptisms that took place. In last Sunday's sacrament meeting the spirit was strong. The stake presidency was there and we received new changes in the ward. They rearrange the Young Women's presidency and the bishopric. Bishop Nicholl's got released from being Bishop after 6 and a half years. The new Bishop is Bishop Bascom he was the gospel principle's teacher. Bishop Bascom's family is from Utah and seeing him get called was an emotional time (he was my first guess for being Bishop). I know he will do a great job at helping and loving the ward.

We are going to have a chapel tour soon and then I will need to continue packing everything for tomorrow! 


Elder Chew

England London Mission

64-68 Princes Gate

Exhibition Road,

South Kensington

London, England SW7 2PA

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