Tuesday, 28 June 2016

27/06/16 - Hydroplaning

Last week was very rainy, but we have seen blessings from the Lord it
may not have been from driving through puddles though (there are so
many here...)We are currently teaching an American family that
referred themselves online. The mum has a close friend that is Mormon
and the father knows a lot of Mormons in the military. They are
baptist and have so many deep questions. They just don't like digging
at the surface of things. They are making plans to come to church with
us this Sunday and it will be the first time for the husband. We feel
very confident they will get the answers they need.

We went tracting for a few hours and were struggling to find someone
to teach. We had the Cambridge Elders pray for us over the phone and
we found Gemma, a mum with 4 kids! We were happy to feel the spirit
that as others pray for us it helps to build the faith to find those
who will listen.


Elder Chew

p/s The military families are very kind to us!

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