Wednesday, 8 June 2016

30/05/16 - Harlow stake blitz


Last week went very quickly! We went to London for our exchange and we
visited the Borough market! It was very busy and there was so much
food (look at the picture of the fruit and veg).

On Saturday the whole zone (7 companionships) went to Harlow to join
in with the members in doing missionary work. The Stake is doing a
one-on-one program to help boost the missionary efforts in each area.
All the missionaries were on splits with the Harlow ward and with
members of the stake presidency and high council. There was a strong
spirit there and a lot of good work was done. We feel that it really
helped the members to get more excited about missionary service.
Harlow received many new referrals and we're optimistic about their

Elder Poole and I have been exhausted lately. We have seen that the
Lord is blessing us with more people to teach. One of them is Sean,
he's a brother of one of the sisters in the ward. He has lost a lot
and has a strong desire to change! He is doing very well and has cut
down his smoking from 20 to 4 a day! It is amazing to see what a truly
humble heart with real intent can do. We will be praying for more
people like this to teach.


Elder Chew

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