Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Elder Chew is home!

Mother and Son reunion
We went to the England London Mission to pick up Elder Chew and also to meet up with Jesse my step son, who had served in the same mission 3 years prior. It was a spirit-filled and very touching evening, with lots of tears. President and Sister Stevens and Elder and sister Williams were very attentive, kind and loving to all the missionaries and 5 families who were there picking up their sons and daughter.
First time we have seen him in almost 2 years!
RMs and one future missionary (Justin)
Saying good bye to the cars he had driven.

Very close is having to make 2 trips.
Elder Williams who keeps all the Missionaries in line.
Sister Williams - another mother to all the missioaries
A Lovely rendition of Army of Helamans by the missionaries who were transferred out on the 26th July. A little note: I got to meet Sister Lund from Hong Kong whose dad had served as a missionary in Ipoh, father's hometown.

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